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Rural Products - Mixing Tanks

Mixing Tanks

Mixing Tanks

Agitation from impeller

Internal view showing impeller mixer in operation – note high level of agitation

mixing tank lid

10,000 ltr mixer with bucket loading hatch and wings to prevent fertilizer spillage

single impeller

Single impeller style

Mixing tank double impeller

Double impeller style

bag loading hatch

Standard bag loading hatch

Fertilizers and Chemicals

Tanks West manufactures a range of mechanical mixing tanks suitable for most agricultural fertilizers. The increasingly widespread use of liquid fertilizers has produced a growing demand for mixing tanks, which allow on-site preparation of fertilizers and chemicals.

Using mixing tanks, growers are able to produce individual fertilizer combinations, to best suit their particular needs.

Featuring heavy-duty industrial impeller mixers direct mounted to the roof of the tank, our chemically resistant mixing tanks are capable of blending and dissolving dry fertilizers, additives and other liquids in a water-based solution.

Features and Benefits

  • High agitation rates for rapid batch turn around
  • Aggressive floor scouring to prevent sediment
  • Ability to produce specific Fertilizer/Chemical Recipes
  • Single and Three phase drive motors available
  • Integrated design – no mounting frames required
  • Variety of hatch styles for easy loading of dry fertilizers

Tanks West mixing tanks enable growers to mix fertilizer and
chemicals on site and tailor the mix to individual specifications.

Why The Mixers Work So Well

Tanks West mixing tanks utilise axial flow impellers which discharge downwards towards the vessel bottom this creates a flow pattern across the floor of the tank and up the vertical walls. This flow vector then blends with the circular flow being created by the rotation of the blade to give even mixing of the entire contents of the tank.

The batch turnover rate gives an indication of the pumping capacity of the mixer, it can be seen from the chart below that Tanks West mixing tanks are designed to move the entire contents of the tank twice each minute. In the large tanks this means the mixer is moving 20,000 litres of liquid per minute, or 30 times more than a common motor driven transfer pump.

A typical mix of say 4000 kg of dry fertilizer and 7000 litres of water would be mixed in under one hour.

Volume (litres) Height (mm) Diameter (mm) Mixing Volume
(suggested batch volume in litres)
1800 1450 1300 1400
2900 1200 1800 2400
4500 1200 2300 4000
8000 1200 2900 7000
12,000 1800 2900 10,000
15,000 2400 2900 13,500
23,000 2400 3600 20,000