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Welcome to the Tanks West website

We are a Perth based manufacturing company devoted to providing best value solutions for liquid storage and handling in Western Australia. Our core competencies are in the production of moulded Fibreglass FRP (fibre reinforced plastic) tanks, designed to meet the requirements of rural, urban and industrial customers.

We provide the following solutions: 

Water Tanks (water storage, water transport)
Liquid Fertilizer Storage
Aquaculture Tanks
Mixing Tanks
Mining and Industrial Projects
Chemical Storage


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Tanks West Tanks are Proven in the Field

liquid fertiliser tank manufacturers Tanks West is the leading manufacturer and supplier of liquid fertiliser storage tanks in Western Australia, offering a range of product designed specifically for the secure, long-term storage and safe handling of your liquid fertiliser.

The heavy duty, rugged, chemical resistant tanks use the latest in resin and laminate technology and high quality non-corrosive fittings, providing superior strength and peace of mind to farmers.


Super 60 60,000 litre large capacity liquid fertiliser tankThe Super 60 – the largest FRP tank in Australia brought to you exclusively by Tanks West.

This super large volume capacity tank of 60,000 litres has immense benefits for storing Liquid Fertilizer. The Super 60 is a heavy duty, rugged tank with a superior chemical resistance together with impact resistance and tensile strength.

A new era in efficient farming.


large capacity cyclone rated water tankRegion D, Category 2 Cyclone Certified Storage Tanks

Tanks West in conjunction with Deacon Engineers have developed a restraint system for liquid storage tanks to meet the requirements of Region D, Category 2 cyclonic wind loadings.

Cyclone Certified Storage Tanks


Tankswest Celebrating 20 Years

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